When will my order ship?

Once any item ships, you'll get a tracking email sent right away to the email provided at the time of purchase. 


Can I delay or postpone the shipment of my order?

If you have special requests regarding the shipment of your order, including delaying the shipment until a later date, please contact us immediately. We will try our best to accommodate all requests whenever possible. If you are going to be out of town, away from home, or just prefer a later delivery date, we are more than willing to help.

How long does shipping takes?

On average 3-5 business days. Orders placed before 1:00 PM are shipped within the same day. We ship directly from the nursery to your doorstep to uphold the quality you deserve. Let our professional growers build the roots & put in the work that sets your garden up for success!

Can I do wholesale ordering?

Absolutely. We are primarily a retailer of excellent plant product and we also offer wholesale pricing. Please contact us directly with your inquiry at info@ghouseplants.com


Can I come pick up my plants?

Sure! You're welcomed to visit our nursery upon request with phone call.


Do you guarantee your plants?

Ghouse guarantees that all plant material is inspected for quality and grade to ensure that the best quality items are sent, and that all items are shipped safely to your doorstep. If you experience any issues with an item upon arrival, please contact us immediately so a damage claim can be filed.